The VINTAGE CELT is proud to present their line of products from the reputable Klassich Industries.

For the last two decades, KI has been providing satisfied customers around the world with fine, hand-crafted sport kilts and utility kilts, Prince Charlie jackets and Argyle jackets, highland dress and accessories.   Our customers hail from Scotland and throughout Europe, to the USA and Canada, to Russia and Asia.
Our products are of the highest quality and your satisfaction are our highest priorities. We source the world for the finest available materials, from which our team of skilled craftsmen create expertly tailored kilts, jackets, Highland garb and accessories. We can produce high volumes on short notice, and we can hand-tailor a single garment to your precise measurements.
Please contact The Vintage Celt for pricing on any quantity of products, from a single, hand-tailored garment to an entire shop inventory. You will not find better prices on quality Highland goods anywhere.

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